Measuring the Advertisement Campaigns Performance

Measuring the Advertisement Campaigns Performance

Measuring the Advertisement Campaigns Performance

Effective advertisements campaigns are critical to the continued success of any business. How do you know if the marketing campaigns are effective or not? If you’re spending a bunch of money or time sending out emails, but you’re not seeing new customers, then there may be a problem. This training is designed to give you the basics of putting some measurement tools in place and how to read the data so you can change or stop doing what’s not working, and do more of what is working.

Course Outcome

At the conclusion of this course, you’ll have a basic understanding of how to measure your adverting campaign and put some goals in place. You’ll be able to better see what’s working for your business (so you can do more (so you can do more (so you can do more of that) and what’s not working (so you can change it or stop putting effort into it).

Course Details and Syllabus

During this training, we’ll present the following topics, why it’s important, and give you step-by-step instructions on how you can implement it in your work without spending a lot of money.

Course Syllabus

  • Why advertisement campaign without measurement is a waste of your time and money?
  • Understand the metrics to evaluate your advertisement campaign
  • What is the method to be used to measure the advertising campaign effectiveness?

(Media Research, Ad post-testing, pre-testing, Branding research, sales, ROI, website traffic, and social media performance )

  • What tools you should have it in place to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign?
  • How to use data to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your advertisement campaign
  • Advisement Campaign KPIs


This training is for staffs whose role (or a part of it) involve the advertisement, digital marketing, development, delivery, and analysis of marketing communications, for products, services, and companies with different markets, segments, and customer audiences.


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