Why WE Are Defferent?

We help you understand your market and competitive environment, leading to business growth and success for your company


  • A fully integrated company – from the collection of data to in-depth analysis to competitive insights and integrating with internal data (both structured and unstructured) à then develop the strategy based upon solid data.
  • We also believe in transferring knowledge to our clients: knowledge sharing through multiple case studies à benchmarking, global reports, monitoring of new products launched in order to support our clients’ to stay ahead.
  • We believe in the efficiency of collecting the data as ‘time is money’ and therefore we marry research with technology à such as online surveys, SMS through apps.
  • Providing golden standard training and consultancy to our clients. 


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Our Locations
New York Headquarters
Amman Headquarters
102 University St. - Second Floor
Amman, Jordan 10016
New York Headquarters
Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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