Who We Are!

We help you understand your market and competitive environment, leading to business growth and success for your company

At Timinsights, we believe in building the future of insights and therefore
oriented a ‘NEW’ approach, enhancing from a traditional research agency to ‘knowledge house of insights’

Vision and Mission

Vision: To deliver strategic information and knowledge sharing services that support your decision making based on solid in-depth market information. 

Mission.: A distinctive company:

  • Wherein we innovate and transform along with the needs of our clients and the market.
  • Create a relationship of trust and quality with our clientele.
  • Optimizing the process in order to deliver our clients with faster turnaround time and in an efficient manner.
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Our Locations
New York Headquarters
Amman Headquarters
102 University St. - Second Floor
Amman, Jordan 10016
New York Headquarters
Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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